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    Posted By:  Fabien Laurier  
Dear Tenzin,

I received the chest and it is beautiful!
Although I am no expert at all, the painting and general shape and style of the chest seem to indicate that the chest might be even older than the 17th century...

Thank you again for everything and I look forward to making business with you again.

With best regards,


    Posted By:  George Gati  
Dear Tenzin,

the goods arrived today, thank you very, very much for your efforts, greatly appreciated.

I am interested in further particular beautiful 18th century boxes and 18th -20th century cabinets.

I would also be interested in top tables.

Thank you very much. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Also it is possible that I could come to Kathmandu early next year. Which month is the best time to come, I mean when do you expect to have the biggest selection of objects?

Thanks and regards


    Posted By:  Marney Janns  

I wanted to let you know that everything arrived safely, and, as before, very well packed. The panel and door are both wonderful, and we thank you very much. I still have to send you a picture of the door from our first purchase, and I will send a picture of the White Tara hanging in our family room when I do.
Thank you again for the wonderful Tara and door!
Marney Janss

    Posted By:  Natascha  
Dear Tenzin,

the chest arrived today and we are very happy with it!
Thank you very much for organizing everything so good and fast,
we have absolutely no complaints.

We wish you well,
kind regards,

Natascha Voitel-Zavrl
Edvard Zavrl

Goods sold and shipped to Trieste, Italy. 15th February 2007
    Posted By:  Adelchi Renato  
Dear Mr Tenzin,
yesterday we received the forniture!
Everything was ok and very beautiful.
If we need something else, we know your web site.
Best regards
Adelchi Renato

Dragon choshom shipped to Sydney, Australia. 13th February 2007
    Posted By:  Chris McDiven  
Dear Tenzin,

The choshom arrived here yesterday, the 17th of feb. Everything looks perfect and the piece looks even better in real than in the website. Thank you for everything.

It has always been wonderful doing business with you. We shall remember you if we need anything else.

Good luck to your family and to you.


Shipped to Rome, Italy. 23rd July 2005
    Posted By:  Marinella Ceresoli  
Dear Tenzin
Your (my) cabinet arrived at my home.A ray of light.

tuk ge che pum jo cho

see you next time we hope.

tashi delek

Dragon Chest shipped to Manchester, England. 9th November 2005
    Posted By:  Dominic Jude  
Hi Tenzin
Picked up the chest on Monday can't believe how quickly you got it here, thank you so much am very pleased with it.
So you know you have to pay 33.00 to the handling agent then 4% import duty on your declared purchase cost then VAT at 17.5% on the total.
Mine come to approx 120.00 but I made a bit of a mess of it so it could have been cheaper.
I am really interested in buying more can you send me any photo's.
Am interested in the really old Tibetan pieces from 1800 or so chests cuboards etc please advise.

Many thanks Dom

Tibetan Bed shipped to Greenville, USA. 21st November 2005
    Posted By:  Olga Bowles  
Hello Tenzin!!! Tashidalek (my spelling)
You have been wonderful. Thank you so much for keeping me informed of all details regarding my shipment. The numbers were very useful, and your e-mails very clear and easy to understand. Your English is amazing, better than my non-existent Nepali, or Tibetan, or Hindi. I'm jealous.

The way things are working out is like this:
The bed came from Atlanta (major airport in Southeastern part of our country) to Greenville, via truck. I have not been informed of any additional charges, and hopefully there will be none.
Once the bed arrived in Greenville, the shipper called me and told me to call the local US Customs office to arrange for an appointment for customs inspection. The customs officer who gave me the appointment was VERY NICE and said he didn't think I would have to pay duties on a piece of furniture, but he will let me know. After he does the inspection he will call me so I can go to the customs office to fill out required paperwork, and then I can go to the shipper to pick up the bed. Fortunately, the shipper and the customs offices in Greenville are very close to each other and only about 45 minutes from my home, which is close, in my opinion. I don't know if this would be the case in other cities.
So I think I will probably be hearing from the customs office sometime next week.
I will let you know how it goes.
I hope this finds you well, of course. Thank you for taking such good care of me!


Pegam shipped to Montreal, Canada. 19th August 2006
    Posted By:  Joe  
Hi Tenzin,

I have the pegam. I am very happy with this purchase.

Thank you for all your help.


Door set shipped to MonteCarlo. 14th July 2006
    Posted By:  Ken Harrold  
Hi Tenzin

The items arrived yesterday afternoon - thank you. I have not yet unpacked
the doors but everything else was in good condition. I am trying to figure
out where to put everything.
I will get back to you shortly on the other items.

All the best


Tibetan Table shipped to Minnesota, USA. 25th June 2006
    Posted By:  Kate Reynolds  
One of my friends picked up the furniture for me today and dropped it at my house in Minnesota, because I am out of town. I will be back in a few days, so I will send you another email letting you know that everything is there and well. Thank you so much again for eveything!

Chest and Door panels shipped to Barcelona, Spain. 3rd March 2006
    Posted By:  Oscar Herencia  
Dear Tentzin,

I received the goods and everything and went very smoothly.

The goods are in perfect shape and they correspond to what we asked for. Some of them are very beautiful and seem to be really old. Hence I thank you for everything.

I wish you well and hope we can make further business together,

Best regards,

Tibetan Dragon Chest shipped to Amsterdam, Netherland. 26th January 2006
    Posted By:  Pieter Van Maren  
Dear Sir,

Yesterday we received the Dragon Chest and everything is o.k. We are very
happy and it looks wonderful.
Thank you for dealing with the matter so accurately. We also thank you for
your kind wishes. We wish you all the best.

Best regards,

Pieter van Maren

Tibetan Door. Shipped to Rome, Italy . August 14th 2005
    Posted By:  Vianni Frajese  
Dear Sir

the doors are now finally in my possession, they arrived erfect and they were packed really well. You did a very good job and I am recommending you to my friends. As an advice I would suggest you contact some shippers in Rome (or other italian city) that for a small fee bring the goods from custom (long and difficult) to the customer address, it would be an improvement.

thank you for your organization.

Best whishes

Vanni Frajese

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